Sustainable Pre-Applied Solutions for Threaded Parts
Sustainable Pre-Applied Solutions for Threaded Parts Pre-Applied Process (Coating) Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB), Selangor, Penang, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Auzana Group
Pre-applied technology is normally used on high volume parts. Therefore, customers can use the coated parts with automatic assembly equipment, with the guarantee that the product is applied correctly. With pre-applied solutions, there is no need to apply adhesives, sealants or any other locking or sealing material during assembly.

We provide pre-assembly coating-on screw for the purpose of anti self loosening.
Loctite® Pre-Applied products have many benefits such as:
  • Vibration resistance - resulting in equipment reliability
  • Dry to touch coating - higher speed of handing
  • Ease of automation - higher speed of assembly
  • Guranteed quality - apecified by leading automotive OEMa worldwide
  • Any fastener becomes a self locking / self sealing fastener
  • Reduced component costs and assembly time

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