Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 3600(3500S35) 50cc
Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 3600(3500S35) 50cc Thermal Liquid Gap Fillers Henkel Bergquist Thermal Management Materials Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB), Selangor, Penang, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Auzana Group
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Henkel Thermal Gap Filler

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BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 3600 is a 3.6 W/m-K thermally conductive, ultra conforming, liquid gap filler.
BERGQUIST® GAP FILLER TGF 3600 is a two component silicone based thermally conductive liquid gap filler. It exhibits ultra high thermal performance and superior softness. This product has low modulus to help relieves CTE stresses in thermal cycling and also provide excellent vertical gap stability. This product can be used for fragile and low stress applications in various fields. This product is curable at room temperature however, the cure rate can also be accelerated with application of heat.
  • -Thermal conductivity: 3.6 W/m-K
  • -Ultra low Modulus
  • -Ultra conforming
  • -Easily dispenable
  • -UL94 V-0 compliance
  • Technical Information
Cure Type Heat Cure
Flame Rating V-0
Operating Temperature -60.0 - 200.0 °C
Technology Silicone
Thermal Conductivity 3.6 W/mK
Color, Mixed Blue
Color, Resin White
Color, Hardener Blue

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