Loctite ML-11
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360 g
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LOCTITE ML-11 is a light, semi-drying oil type spray suitable for many applications including vehicle parts,
slide rail, tools and industrial machinery.

The high-performance Loctite ML-11 penetrates through metal assemblies to release rust and seal out moisture which enhances corrosion protection and rust prevention. It also prevents seizure, reduces noise, cleans parts and provides necessary lubrication. The product is suitable for many applications including in home appliances, vehicle parts, garden tools, slide rail, window/door hinge, clothes rack, sport equipment, tools and industrial machinery. Moreover, it is an excellent cleanser for removing rubber, glue, and even lipstick stains. In addition, the ergonomic design enables the product to be sprayed out in a 360-degrees wide range, while the special bendable jet design nozzle enables application in hard-to-reach areas.     

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